What we Believe

Our beliefs start with these statements of faith (from the CGGC):

We believe in one supreme God—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; co-equal and co-eternal: and in the miraculous conception, the virgin birth, the vicarious sacrifice, the bodily resurrection, the triumphant ascension, and the second coming of our Lord. 

We believe in the gift and work of the Holy Spirit; the divinely inspired Word of God as our only and all-sufficient rule of faith and practice; and in the free moral agency of man.

We believe God created man; man has fallen; and his only possible redemption is through the atonement of Christ.

We believe in the forgiveness of sins; rebirth by the Word and Spirit and justification by faith.

We believe baptism, feetwashing, and the Lord’s Supper to be ordinances of the church.

We believe in the holiness of the Lord’s Day; and God’s appointment of civil governments.

We believe in the resurrection of the dead; the final judgment; and life everlasting. 


Our Affiliation is with:

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